“Ayrton” AI Coaching


After almost 2 years working on this, we are more than excited to launch our latest feature called “Ayrton” Coaching. Ayrton provides our users with the 2 spots of the racetrack, where the driver is losing the most of his time out of Driving. In more detail:

  • “Ayrton” monitors and indicates to the Driver and all Interested parties, the 2 spots of the racetrack where the driver can improve his/her lap-time the most, only by driving improvement. It is simple and straightforward so drivers and teams can only focus on the spots that they need to.
  • This is not the usual “sum of your best split times” scenario. This is a very complex real AI procedure where Ayrton calculates the perfect simulated lap for each driving session and compares it with the driver’s actual best lap.
  • No need for complex data analysis using laptops. Users receive exactly the information they need in a few seconds even on their mobile phone.
  • The lines depict the exact turns and sections where the most time can be gained by improving driving. The section might be the entry, the apex, or the exit of turn, or even a combination of them. Ayrton will indicate one area with red and one with orange colour, where red is the area in which the most time can be shaved off.


Stay tuned as we continuously develop our software for you and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any further information.