Unite your Community with VPRating

VPRating Software as a Service

The unique VPRating Results are available as a service which can be integrated to an existing mobile application, timing system, data acquisition device or a vehicle’s infotainment system/dash.



  • AI Driving Score (%). We accurately calculate the driving performance of the driver/rider for each lap regardless of the vehicle.

  • AI Coaching. Advanced insight of the two specific turns of the track, where the driver can gain the most time by improving his driving or the vehicle setup.

  • AI Vehicle Capability (VC). By accurately identifying the vehicle dynamics, we provide the vehicle’s capability index for each racetrack.

  • Max Sustained Lateral Grip (g). A unique index that indicates the overall lateral grip of the vehicle for each lap, regardless of skill or driving style.

  • Max Sustained Acceleration (g). A per lap dyno, an extremely user friendly way to monitor the vehicle’s acceleration and engine performance.

  • Max Sustained Braking (g). Using one simple figure, users can now identify and compare their overall braking performance.



  • Accurate and consistent results for racing teams and drivers.

  • Ιncreased motivation for the leisure drivers.

  • Εnhanced engagement for the motorsports audience.

  • The VPRating Results provide a better driving experience and engage the rider/driver more to the company and the world of performance driving.

  • With VPRating Results several features can be developed like Brand Leagues, Track Leagues, Driver Page, Special info for audience etc.

  • Whether it is the vehicle or the driving performance, we have the answer!